The Organeyez mission is to create tools and content that helps activists and social justice movements be more effective.

Four Pillars

  • Educational Media: The first pillar is our educational media which consists of podcast interviews and tons of digital material for social media including videos, memes, tips, recommended resources, and more. Podcast episodes feature various types of activists who talk about the social justice work they are involved in and their strategies for being effective. Through our educational media, we strive to help thousands of activists learn about ways to approach security, accountability, scaling, campaigning, decision-making, strategizing, and more.
  • Technology: Second is our free software applications. We will build and release new apps according to our funding and capacity. Our first app is called Your Activist Resource Directory (YARD) and its an activist platform for creating and sharing libraries of free online resources. YARD aims to help activists share the work of finding and collecting research papers, public policy reports, documentaries, news articles, and other crucial educational information. By organizing it all in one central location that is easy to access, we reduce repetitive work and make it easier for each organization to educate its members, supporters, and general community. YARD will be launching sometime in 2019
  • Online Community: Third is our online community. We are working to build a community of activists who want their movements to have long-term impacts. Through posts and discussions this community will support members as they work to find ideas and resources that can help their organizations organize, strategize, and launch successful programs or campaigns. Our Online Community will formally launch sometime in 2020
  • Organeyez Institute: Fourth is our Institute, which will be an educational platform that allows activists and educators to exchange knowledge and facilitate workshops for other activists. We envision that these classes and workshops will take place both in person and online, and that the programming will be organized via an application that connects activists to facilitators. We aim to launch between 2023 and 2028

Organizational Structure

Starting off with a strong structure helps to lay a foundation that Organeyez can use to become efficient and sustainable. Structure is important because structure impacts both internal culture and the communities that we aim to serve.

We currently consist of four teams with Iris, our founder, operating as Executive Director:

Our organizational structure will develop over time, but we are currently prioritizing two structural focuses

1. Culture and Sustainability

2. Systems and Processes

We start off prioritizing these focuses because we want to stick around for a long time. Past experience has shown us that social justice work can lead to burnout and declines in mental health. We want to take the time to build a culture that is kind, considerate, flexible, and nurturing so that our workers enjoy their time with us. Before agreeing to launch, we carefully drafted a DNA document that outlines our principles, procedures, expectations, compensation structure, and long-term goals. Though we are still finalizing the fine details of our DNA, we move forward knowing that we are all aligned in what we envision for this organization.

Some of the systems and processes that will help to build a positive and sustainable culture are:

  • A democratic decision making system
  • A "sweat equity" compensation structure
  • Self-directed and flexible participation
  • Continuous feedback processes

Expenses & Compensation

Our financial status is that of an LLC owned by the founder, Iris Nevins. This allows us to avoid the limitations and bureaucracy of running a non-profit. We ask supporters to help pay for organizational costs and labor by sending monthly payments to our Patreon account. This is our only form of income for the work that we do and we determine compensation based on sweat equity. What does this mean? We use our funds to first pay for expenses such as website, podcast, communication, accounting, and marketing services. If there is a shortage of funding, we help to cover costs ourselves. If there is a surplus of funding then we divide up the surplus amount based on a sweat equity formula that we created. This formula determines what percentage of the surplus we receive based on the hours of work we have completed and the length of time we have been contributing to the organization. Compensation is never guaranteed, so none of us are here for the money. Whether we earn $10 or $500, the mission is why we are here and all compensation is just a meaningful way to be rewarded for the work we do.