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The goal of our podcast is to seek out activists who are exploring valuable strategies to improve the growth and development of their organizations or the movements they are involved in.

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Aria Sa’id

Episode 7

Lobbying For Trans Rights and Sex Worker Rights

Aria shares her story of growing up as a transwoman, engaging in sex work, and eventually becoming a policy advisor for the San Fransisco Mayor’s office. She breaks down how she’s helped to both overturn old laws and pass new laws that focus on the rights and safety of transgender people as well as sex workers. She provides so much amazing insight into what it takes to make legislative change, as well as some interesting critiques and praises of todays social justice movements.

Anthony Paz

Episode 6

Ideological Extremism on the Left

Anthony Paz is a community organizer who has faced significant backlash after deciding to explore and understand the perspectives of Trump supporters and people on the right. He gave himself permission to be open to non-progressive ideas and was vocal about this on social media. We wanted to get the inside story of Anthony’s experience and why he believes ideological extremism is a real danger to progressive movements!

David Turner

Episode 5

The Power of Teaching Youth How to Conduct Research

In this interview David talks about his work training youth of color on how to conduct research and use it to advance policy changes. They learn everything from how to collect data, interpret that data, and even use software to analyze the data. David shares with us the challenges and rewards of using research to further social justice causes and why every organization could benefit from teaching communities how to do self-conducted research.

Alexis Hancock

Episode 4

A Security Engineer Teaching Activists How to Protect Themselves Online

Iris and Bertisha catch up with Alexis Hancock, a Software Engineer who trains activists on digital security and technology. Alexis shares her thoughts on what it was like to grow up in Virginia, her time in the foster care system, and her passion for coding, privacy advocacy, and security.

Jessica Alter

Episode 3

Building the Tech Arm of the Democratic Party

This week, Iris and Bertisha sat down with Jessica Alter, Executive Director of Tech for Campaigns. Jessica shares her work to bridge the digital gap between Democratic and Republican use of technical tools by leading efforts with state legislatures on the progressive left to activate a passionate corp of 7,500 digitally savvy volunteers.

Idalin Bobe

Episode 2

Training Activists to Use Technology

Our guest in this episode is Idalin Bobe, the founder of In 2014 Idalin went to Ferguson, Missouri to train activists on web development and other technical skills. This work eventually blossomed into which trains activists on how to use and create technology. Today Idalin is going to talk about her childhood, her organization, and her thoughts on today’s social justice movements.

Derek Steele

Episode 1

Health Equity in Inglewood California

In this opening episode, Derek Steele of the Social Justice Learning Institute in Inglewood California talks about his work as a Health Equity Programs Director. Derek shares some insight into his daily work, how his team built a sustainable organization, and the lessons he’s learned about leadership and team building. We think this first episode is so inspirational and educational, we hope you take the time to listen!