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Though we are an LLC, we provide all of our services free of charge and intend to keep things this way. We believe that useful technology, resources, and information should be accessible to activists and organizations who are positively impacting the world.

Nonetheless, we still have costs and we believe in being compensated for our labor. We are looking to become a community funded company that is able to cover its expenses and compensation costs purely from monthly supporter payments made to our Patreon account. With supporters sending $5/month or more, we can become the largest community funded mission-oriented corporation in the world.

Whether you are a small donor or a large donor, we ask that you commit to monthly payments rather than a 1 time lump sum payment. Not only does this help us to distribute compensation fairly but it also helps to make YOU a long-term investor in our long-term project. To learn more about our organizational structure, goals, and mission--please visit the home page.