Founder & Director

While volunteering as a community organizer I realized that software make us a lot more effective. This realization led me to leave my career as a teacher and become a software engineer with the goal of contributing my ever-growing technical knowledge and skills to grassroots movements. I work full-time at Mailchimp and Organeyez, my passion project, is the culmination of years of chasing my passions and finding my purpose.


Podcast Manager

Bertisha is a South Florida community organizer who believes that activists truly need to have their own space where they can share their ideas, knowledge and experiences in order to enhance the fight in social justice movements. She believes that in order for us all to be free, we need to start by understanding each other and coming up with concrete solutions in this fight for our lives.


Podcast Producer & Software Engineer

Shane firmly believes in the role of technology in the social revolution. When not falling deeper and deeper into The Cult of Ruby, Shane spends most of their free time reading comic books, thinking about the Dragon Age video game series, and eating a balanced diet of green smoothies and burritos. Their favorite season is Fall and they’re afraid of whales.


Software Engineer

Kelly strives to put tech to use in service of people and movements, as opposed to capital. When not writing code, she spends time exploring worlds, whether through writing fiction, playing immersive, time suck video games, reading, traveling or painting. She also loves to cook for friends and family and get horrifyingly lost in the wilderness. She’s recently re-taken up jogging for the thousandth time in her life, but still hates it.


Learning & Development Program Manager

Andrea joined Organeyez because she loves administrative work and helping individuals and organizations function effectively. She believes in the power of community organizations to create change and she believes in her daughter, Iris. Andrea is a professor of Caribbean studies and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at Nova Southeastern University. She is also a trained life coach. On weekends you can find her enjoying British murder mysteries and gardening.

Sarie Hale-Alper

Product Researcher

Harmann Bajwa

Engineering Project Manager

Harmann joined Organeyez to help bridge the gap between social justice organization and technology. As the founder of a non-profit project SHAKTI: The Power to Educate, a non profit that helps educate women in India despite the sexist culture and lack of funds to put towards a women’s education. Organeyez helps open her eyes to the struggles she had when she first started her project. In her freetime, you can catch her dancing to Latin music such as Bachata and Reggaeton, watching comedy shows, baking, and trying a fitness class outdoors.

Flor Canales

Operations Intern I: Spring 2019

Flor is a freshman at Claremont McKenna College and is studying International Relations and Media Studies. Flor joined Organeyez because she believes it is extremely important to develop tools and platforms that improve, cultivate, and maintain social justice movements and activism. In her free time, Flor enjoys reading, listening to music, and photography.